I want to introduce myself.

Hey, I’m Marieke Rodehorst, born in 1987, and my roots extend to the idyllic town of Celle, Germany. Early in my life, I felt a deep longing for more – more lightness, more love, more meaning. When I completed my training as a Medical Assistant, it became clear to me: I wanted to do something that not only heals the body but also touches the soul.

Events and weddings have always fascinated me. Here, amidst love and harmony, unfolds a special kind of magic. Every detail becomes an expression of love, every moment a gift from the universe.

After a few years in the event industry in Germany, I followed my inner calling in 2012 and took the leap into self-employment as a wedding planner and officiant with Sensevent. I didn’t just create weddings, but genuine moments of the heart – moments full of love, joy, and spirituality.

In 2018, I moved to Crete, where my life changed once again: The warm sun, the vibrant energy of the island, and the deep connection to nature awakened a profound spiritual realization in me. Here, in this magical land, I found an even deeper connection to my inner essence and discovered the true meaning of love and joy.

Together with my soulmate Sotiris, we recognized the creative power hidden in every moment of life.

We transformed Sensevent into Nonsensevent to celebrate even more conscious enjoyment and creative ingenuity – at all the occasions we create.

With you, our Nonsensevent family, we are shaping a world full of love, joy, and spiritual connection. Because life is too precious not to be enjoyed in all its fullness.


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Sensevent Marieke Rodehorst mit Brautpaar
Sensevent Marieke Rodehorst mit Brautpaar
Sensevent Marieke Rodehorst Trauzeremonie mit Brautpaar allein am Strand
Sensevent Marieke Rodehorst mit Brautpaar
Sensevent Marieke Rodehorst mit Geschäftspartner
Sensevent Marieke Rodehorst Trauzeremonie und Traurede