Holger & Miri – 4 celebrations for a dream wedding

Celebrating life with magical energy

When Miri & Holger approached me in August 2021, it quickly became clear: these two know exactly what they want. 
They also brought the right attitude towards their dream wedding on Crete: “Relaxed during the day and a real blast in the evening!” 

“We want to celebrate ourselves, our love and life and enjoy a really great time together with our loved ones!” 
To put no end to the enjoyment even after the wedding, the two came up with another brilliant idea: 

“We would like to have a hangover brunch the morning after …. but not too early, you understand?” 
“You bet I understand!”

When we got to know each other via video call, the ideas flew back and forth between us like ping-pong balls. The energy flowed, and so the “party” had already started in this way. A terrific planning time followed, during which we enjoyed every exchange and couldn’t stop concocting. The wedding conversation was a concert of emotions, even though the two of them firmly claimed that Miri was an “ice princess”…

A dream woman with whom you can steal horses once you have conquered her heart and won her trust, but with whom man should never be tearful or even sick 😉
A queen who met her special dream prince after he had been given his big “life switch” and who laid his kingdom at her feet: lots of clarity, willpower, thirst for life and strength, together with Crown Prince Lenny, whom Miri immediately took to her heart.

All this happiness and bliss was now to be crowned with this celebration. And everything went perfectly smoothly with the relaxed, laid-back lifestyle, the good food and the many hours of sunshine on the island of Crete.

Brautpaar tanzt glücklich am Strand bei Rethymno auf Kreta

The Planning

We planned the ceremony with civil and free-style wedding on the beach near Rethymno with live music. Bohemian decoration, lots of pampas grass and cool drinks. Then we went back to the Arbora Villas for dinner and the party which we had rented for the couple and their closest friends for their time on the island and which, because of their remoteness, are perfect for the point of “the real blast”.

The other friends and relatives of the bride and groom had rented various Airbnb flats and hotels in Rethymno. With our transfer partner Marko, we organised the different journeys on the wedding day and, of course, also those for the Hangover Brunch, as well as to and from the airport on request. And it occurred to us: It would be nice if everyone could get together for a welcome evening right after arriving in Crete. So, for people to feel into the celebratory atmosphere, we planned a joint welcome evening at Yialos, a chic wine bar on the coast.

After this issue and more details had been discussed, such as the LED letters Miri’s parents ordered as a surprise, plus gifts consisting of local olive oil, we had reached the end of the planning. Everything was ready. But then Miri had one more wish: “After our arrival on  Crete, it’s my mum’s birthday. The day should be very special for her. Do you have an idea for another restaurant, possibly with a completely different flair?” 

“You bet! I love the contrasts of Crete – like Fantastiko, for example!”

And then the day of their arrival came and I was finally able to meet Miri & Holger at the airport, finally experience them live and hold them tightly in my arms. That was so nice! We exchanged the documents for the registry office, had a quick chat, cranked up each other’s anticipation…but then they also had to go and pick up the rental car, drive to the villa, check in and receive the guests.

They spent the welcome evening in the beautiful restaurant right by the sea and were presented with the finest food and good wine. The family celebrated the birthday of the bride’s mother Andrea in the traditional taverna in the mountains with a beautiful view over the island to the sea. 

The Wedding day

At noon on the wedding day, the bride is in the professional hands of stylist Natasha, who conjures up a natural bridal make-up for her. 

Brautkleid, Schuhe und Pampas Gras Bridal Dress, shoes and pampas grass Crete Kreta Greece Griechenland
Brautstyling auf Kreta Bridal Styling Crete Greece Griechenland
Braut beim Make Up in Rethymno auf Kreta bride Crete Greece Griechenland
Puder für die wunderschöne Braut powder bride Crete Kreta Griechenland Greece

When suddenly visitors drop by: Mum and the girls join Miriam. Then the party can begin

Brautmutter kommt ins Zimmer beim Getting Ready Bridesmother enters the room
Party Mic Crete
Brautjungfern Bridemaids Kreta Crete Getting Ready Villa

So off we go, getting dressed and finishing the last details. And there is the beautiful bridal bouquet in Bohemian style with dried flowers, eucalyptus and cream-coloured roses.

Bride Tattoos Braut
Brautstrauß im Bohemian Stil Boho style bridal bouquet Crete Kreta Griechenland Greece
Brautmama Brautmutter beim Getting Ready brides mother
Braut tanzt Bride dance villa Crete
Braut tanzt mit Bohemian Brautstrauß in einer Villa auf Kreta
sexy Braut in Villa sexy bride Crete Greece
Braut und Brautjungfern singen Bride and bridesmaids sing

The girls are ready and everything is ready for the big moment on the beach: the opulently decorated round wedding arch, the beautiful wooden chairs and details create a romantic and cosy atmosphere. Welcome to the wedding ceremony of Miri & Holger on the beach of Rethymno!

Traubogen mit Pampas Gras Palmenblättern und Trockenblumen
Wedding Arch with Pampas
Trockenblumen Dry Flowers Floristik Floristy Wedding Ceremony Arch Traubogen Crete Kreta Griechenland Greece
Blütenblätter für den Auszug des Brautpaars in Papier Zylinder Tüten
Rose petals for guests wedding marriage couple Kreta Crete Greece Griechenland

As small highlights, there are cream-coloured rose petals in small paper cylinder bags for the bride and groom to throw at, and, as a wedding ritual, a wedding cocktail that the couple will mix themselves during the ceremony.

Utensilien Zutaten für einen Hochzeits-Cocktail zum Trauritual bei einer freien Trauung auf Kreta
Pampas Gras und Schilf für Bohemian Boho Dekoration bei Hochzeit auf Kreta

I’m just sorting out the last details when the guests and the groom come running down the green-lined path to the beach.

Hochzeitsgäste auf dem Weg zur Trauzeremonie am Strand auf Kreta in Griechenland.
Brüutigam und Trauzeugen spazieren zur Hochzeit am Strand auf Kreta in Griechenland.
Brautvater mit bester Laune bei Hochueit auf Kreta
Bröutigam erstmal Bier bei Trauugn am Strand auf Kreta

Then we arrive, drink a beer and enjoy the moment….and all that in a relaxed way and without the constraint of shoes or jackets.

Willkommens Schild alte Tür altes Holz rusikal mit weißer Schrift Hochzeit Kreta
Barfuß Bräutigam Strandhochzeit Kreta
Sacko im Baum bei Strandochzeit Trauzeremonie am Strand auf Kreta

Today, Vassia Jani, who has come all the way from Santorini, performs live with guitarist Panos and saxophonist Stelios from Crete. The three of them are a well-matched team, since they often accompany our weddings as a band.

Band Vassia Jani, Stelios und Pamos Santorini Kreta Hochzeit Love-Musik Gitarre Saxophon Gesang Sängerin
Sängerin Vassia Jani Hochzeit Santorini Kreta Griechenland
Weißes Saxophon Saxophonist Stelios Rethymno Kreta Crete Griechenland Greece

The rings are ready, too – including a little surprise for Lenny and Papa Holger.

Ringe mit Gravur Hochzeit Eheringe gold
Goldene Ringbox mit Eukalyptusblättern und Ringen zur Hochzeit
Ringbox mit Überraschung für Sonh: Armband
Göste genießen Strand Trauung Hochzeit Zeremonie

Slowly I ask the guests to take their seats because the bride is on her way, as transfer partner Marko tells me.

I quickly distribute a few important drinks and then everything is ready for the big moment.

Getränke Sekt Hochzeitsplanerin Traurednerin Empfang Hochzeit Kreta Griechenland

All the cameras and live feeds are running and the flower children are waiting in the wings – more or less convinced of their upcoming task.

Liveschaltung bei Hochzeits Zeremonie am Strand von Kreta
Du schaffst das schon! Blumenmädchen macht kleiner Schwester Mut.

And then the bride is announced…to the dancing party crowd consisting of bridesmaids and bridesmaids’ guides, who make up almost half of the handpicked crowd of guests.

Brautjungfern tanzen zur Strandzeremonie
Freunde Männer tanzen Einzug Hochzeit Strand Kreta
Trauzeugen und beste Freunde tanzen zur Trauzeremonie auf Kreta am Strand

And now the bride can finally come. We can’t wait any longer. And there she is: led by her father, she floats forward to us – grinning broadly from ear to ear.

Sexy Braut barfuß am Strand zur Hochzeit auf Kreta in Rethymno
Braut gefürt vom Vater zur Trauung am Strand auf Kreta in Griechenland
Die Braut strahlt über beide Ohren, als sie von ihrem Papa zur Trauzeremonie geführt wird.
Papa übergibt Tochter ihrem Mann

And when dad has confidently entrusted his beloved daughter to the man of her dreams, we can begin the wedding ceremony.

Freie deutschsprachige Trauung durch Traurednerin und Hochzeitsplanerin Marieke Rodehorst Sensevent auf Kreta in Griechenland
Brautpaar lacht bei freier symbolischer Trauzeremonie auf Kreta in Griechenland

There is a lot of laughter for the bride and groom and the guests feel carried away as well…

Lachende Gäste applaudieren bei freier Trauung am Sttrand auf Kreta
Gäste küssen sich Männer bei Hochzeit
Braut lacht bei Trauung am Strand auf Kreta
Bräutigam lacht bei Trau-Zeremonie am Strand auf Kreta
Boho Hochzeit am Strand von Rethymno auf Kreta

After going through Miri and Holger’s love story and their many special experiences, I turn to both their personalities and what makes them tick: In my eyes, two very special strong characters, wonderful souls and loving people who have created their great happiness together and with each other. A dream team that will continue to grow and dance through life, elated and grounded.

For this dream team, the moment has come for the wedding vows… but before that, they drink up courage with the wedding cocktail.

Zutaten für den Hochzeitscocktail
Otto´s Vermouth für Hochzeitscocktail auf Kreta am Strand
Hochzeitscocktail Kreta
Hochzeitscocktail Kreta
Lachendes Brautpaar Hochzeitscocktail Kreta

After the courage drink, the time is just right for the big words.

Vows Eheversprechen auf Bambus Tisch Trauung Zeremonie Hochzeit Heirat Kreta
Persönliche Worte zur Trau-Zeremonie
Braut liest Worte Vows vor

A great thank you to the bride and groom for the permission to share these emotional scenes with you, for which I have linked the video at the end of the blog post.

Brautpaar hält Händchen bei Trauung am Strand auf Kreta
Traurednerin und Hochzeitsplanerin Marieke Rodehorst auf Kreta

After their personal words to each other, Miri & Holger remain standing, getting ready for the “yes” word. Once again they move very close to each other for this, joined by their witnesses so as to show the couple their approval and support at this important moment.

Das Ja-Wort bei der Trauung auf Kreta
Trauung Zeremonie Kret Strand Rethymno mit Trauzeugen

The registrar, Peppy, who is always present in her joyful way and with all her heart, then declares the marriage to be legally valid, in Greek, and I translate. The exchange of rings follows. And the first kiss as of now a married couple.

Ringe anstecken Trauung Kreta Strand
Der Kuss des Brautpaars bei Strand-Hochzeit auf Kreta
Gäste jubeln Faust Gratulation Hochzeit Trauung Kreta Strand

The guests cheer and can’t wait to embrace them and congratulate them.

Gäste gratulieren Traumhochzeit Kreta Griechenland
Gäste gratulieren Brautpaar nach symbolischer Strand-Hochzeit auf Kreta in Griechenland
Die Gäste lieben das Brautpaar

This is followed by the signatures, delicious snacks and drinks, and the photo shoot in the golden hour just before sunset.

Unterschriften am Strand zur standesamtliche  Trauung auf Kreta in Griechenland Europa
Fotoshooting am Strand mit den Hochzeitsgästen auf Kreta hinterm Traubogen
Fröhliche Braut tanzt und baded im Sonnenuntergang Licht goldene Stunde Strand Fotoshooting
Brautpaar tanzt ei Fotoshooting am Meer nach Trau-Zeremonie am Strand
Braut und Bräutigam tanzen am Meer nach Hochzeit
Brautpaar lacht verspielt am Meer zum Sonnenuntergang auf Kreta
Braut liegt auf Bräutigam im Sand nach Trauung und lacht
Hände mit Ringen Braut und Bräutigam Kreta
Brautpaar spaziert am Meer entlang
Braut lacht mit Ring am Finger
Bräutigam lacht bei Fotoshooting nach Trauung am Strand bei Rethymno auf Kreta
Brautpaar steht im Sonnenuntergang Licht der goldenen Stunde am Meer nach Trauung Hochzeit zum Fotoshooting auf Kreta bei Rethymno

As the sun sets, we drive the bride and groom to the villas where guests are already waiting to greet them with a welcome drink and sweet snacks. Further down we had set up a beautiful dinner area with wooden tables, Cross Back Wooden Chairs and vintage light bulbs with eucalyptus greenery. On the tables we placed understated floristry of dried flowers, eucalyptus, dried palm leaves and cream roses alongside simple crockery and placemats.

Setup Ausstattung Stühle Tische Hochzeit Kreta mieten leihen Dekoration Griechenland
Floristik Trockenblumen und weiße Rosen Tisch Dekoration Hochzeit Kreta Griechenland
Tisch Platzsets Platzteller Teller Geschirr Servietten leihen mieten Kreta Griechenland

For the live music during the meal, we hired violinist George, who is accompanied by DJ Michalis with modern playback sound.

Violinist Kreta Hochzeit
Just Married LED Buchstaben Kreta
Dinner Tische Kreta Licht Holz mieten leihen

Bartender Manos with Mike and the VW Mobile Bar are also ready and welcome the bride and groom and their guests in a cosy ambience with delicious drinks accompanied by easy listening in a relaxed summer evening atmosphere. 

Bar Hichzeit Kreta Cocktails Logdrinks Service Bartender
DJ und Bar für Hochzeit auf Kreta

The bride and groom’s look at the beautiful scene is why I love event design and wedding planning.

Erster Blick Dekoration Dinner Party First Look Couple Wedding Decoration
Kinder schen Plätze an Hochzeits-Tafel

Once everyone is seated, the surprises and speeches follow before a delicious wedding dinner with live cooking is served by the caterers, accompanied by the sounds of violins to modern sound.

Erinnerungen an die Kindheit  Fotos Brautpaar
Rede des Brautvaters bei Hochzeit
Live-Cooking Catering Hochzeit Kreta
Gute Stimmung am Hochzeits-Tisch
Violinist auf Kreta für Hochzeiten
Die glückliche Brautmutter
Brautpaar küsst sich am Hochzeitsabend am Dinner-Tisch

The cake cutting and the party afterwards starts without the officially booked photographer so we thank Ioannis Menegakis for providing his pictures:

Wedding Cake Hochzeitstorte Wunderkerzen Fontänen Eisfontänen anzünden flame wedding cake sparklers
cutting wedding cake Hochzeitstorte anschneiden
Wedding Cake Sparklers Photographer Fotograf Crete Kreta

Wedding Party Dance DJ Photographer Fotograf Crete Kreta
Wedding Party Dance Bar Photographer Fotograf Crete Kreta

Wedding Party Dance Photographer Fotograf Crete Kreta
Wedding Party Cocktail Photographer Fotograf Crete Kreta
Wedding Party Dance Photographer Fotograf Crete Kreta
Couple and wedding planner in Crete German Deutsch Englisch English

The party goes on until the early hours of the morning and there is a lot of dancing and laughing, but without me – because my eyes fall shut. 

Satisfied, I sink into bed.

What a grandiose wedding! 

The Hangover Brunch & the Surprise for the Bride

After dismantling on the day following the wedding ceremony, I visit the newly married couple and their guests at the chic beach bar Baja Bay. Stylish music welcomes me and I enjoy the flair of the beautiful ambience – but, wait, I know the children lying there in the sun shell! The youngest of the group are lying in the corner, exhausted and not even wanting to jump into the pool. They have experienced a lot and have a lot to process. So many impressions.

The adults are also not quite as energetic as on the first day. They have just arrived and spent a lot of time celebrating and now they have to leave again – back to their old lives.

Only for our bridal couple the celebration would carry on. The transfer “back to the accommodation” was ready and they were supposed to go on their honeymoon the following day. But before that, Miri had another surprise waiting for her:

Later came the news: “Everything worked out great!” Holger and I had let the tattoo studio Ink N’Art in on his plans to get Miri and himself a wedding tattoo.

And then: off on the next plane to the Maldives!

The video of the wedding ceremony of Miri & Holger by Pavel Tzeira Films

The video of Miri & Holger’s wedding ceremony by Pavel Tzeira Films 

Dear Miriusch., dear Holgusch,
the whole team and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the great time we spent together planning and creating your unique dream wedding.

And I personally am happy to have met two such wonderful people and to have taken them into my heart. Your love of life, your energy and the pure glow of your hearts has shown me once again how wonderful what I do is. It is the greatest luck that you have each other and we all have each other….simply to experience many Sensevent moments together and to celebrate life and being.

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