Evelyn & Sascha – “Micro Wedding” in lonely bay near Elafonissi

My first micro-wedding here on Crete was that of Evelyn and Sascha – and therefore a really extravagant one.

Because just as the personalities of the bride and groom are, their wedding should also be colorful and special – and of course a bit gothic & mystical, but just no Schi-Schi and Klim-Bim and no big fuss with a wedding arch or anything like that.

“The place is important. We want to be to ourselves at that special moment, so preferably in a remote secluded cove,” they asked of me when we met via video call.

“There is this very special bay – truly secluded, with white-pink sand, crystal clear water and the perfect sunset,” I told them, “and very close to the dream beaches at Elafonissi. A long way for all of us, but worth it!”

They were convinced.

So we booked a beautiful accommodation for them, near the ceremony location, with a wonderful roof terrace for the time before and after the wedding, and then designed the wedding ceremony on the beach together. In addition, we hired bridal stylist Atti, photographer Irini and a caterer for the exclusive dinner in the evening.

Shortly before the wedding, they told me that they were pregnant with their first child. What wonderful news – but wait – will everything work out then?

“Sure!” The two remained quite relaxed.

So, great joy, a few more small changes of plans and perfect timing :-).

Evelyn and Sascha on their way to their wedding as a couple, or three, if you count the little belly-dweller here.

The bridal bouquet: a “gothic beach dream” of roses, callas, carnations, succulents and berries in aubergine, pink and white. Plus grey-green foliage and herbs and some shells.

The details set the special gothic style accents.

The two are visibly having fun at their free wedding ceremony.

How could it be different when it involves two such humorous people and their love story?

Deeply moving moments and then the big happy end: the kiss.

As a wedding ritual, the two had chosen the Celtic knot ritual “Handfasting”.

Fun is a must! 

Thank you for the great time with you!

Thank you for your trust and the common realization of your very intimate and special wedding dream!

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