Marriage Proposal in bohemian style – Dinah & Steven

“My name is Steven, and I would like to propose to my girlfriend in Crete. We are planning to book our vacation tonight and will be somewhere in Crete in mid to late September”. His email reached us in mid-August last year.

We were in full swing in the middle of the 2022 season. Somewhere between setting up the beach wedding and receiving guests, I saw the message flash and thought briefly; “oh wow – will we be able to fit it in?”

And then, a little later, came the relieving news from team member Charline: “That suits well – the day is free, and they are at a hotel very close to us.” Excellent!

So we were able to help Steven create this very special moment for him and his Dinah.

In our initial conversation, it quickly became clear what the two of them liked: a cozy atmosphere at sunset on the beach with lots of privacy and togetherness and something to toast with, plus some Greek seasonal snacks.

Because his girlfriend loves bohemian style, and also because it just looks beautiful and provides coziness, Steven picked the teepee tent. To match, we had prepared a bouquet of flowers and an arrangement of pampas grass.

With warm candlelight and details like old books, starfish, seashells and sailor knots, the theme was rounded off and fitted perfectly with the sea. So we planned the setup and decor in boho-maritime style.

“And how can we lure Dinah to the beach?”, I asked Steven. “I like the photo shoot idea in your blog post about Nunzia & Danilo, and that would be something for her too. That way she would have reason and opportunity to dress up and then be super distracted by photographers & camera on the beach!”

No sooner said than done. We made the plan fix. And in no time at all, the big day was already set.

The shooting during the golden hour is then indeed the ideal lure and promises quite incidentally the perfect photos.

And then – shortly after the sun goes down completely – they arrived at the arrangement. Only when they stand in front of it for a moment does Dinah look at her Steven slightly excited…but she can’t place all this yet. “I’m sure it’s part of the shoot,” she explains it to herself and walks closer together with him.

And suddenly…

Pictures say more than words and probably also make Dinah’s answer superfluous.

And so we’re leaving the two to their togetherness and say goodbye.

Thank you very much for the trust and the nice (even if short ;-)) time of planning, dear Steven!

It was a great pleasure and honor for us to have accompanied Dinah and you on your special day.

Have a wonderful wedding and an everlasting happiness!

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