Anni & Sven’s beach wedding & the best Plan Z

When we started planning Anni and Sven’s wedding in late summer 2020, we still firmly assumed that this whole Corona thing would be over by the time of the wedding in August 2021.

Who would have thought back then how far we had miscalculated and what was still to come?

It was hard for Anni and Sven, as it is for many bridal couples: no plan was going to work out the way it was supposed to. Everything came with a question mark and many people lost their nerves or at least their desire to continue planning. But not the two of them. They remained optimistic, even when one cancellation followed the next – and most of them at very short notice because of quarantine. We found substitutes and alternatives for everything.

Service providers, artists and all of us faced great challenges during this time and I am infinitely grateful to those who, together with me, found such great solutions for our bridal couples and clients.

And after the originally planned location for the evening of Anni and Sven’s wedding “folded” in view of the latest restrictions, we planned the dinner on the beach a few meters away from the ceremony location and the small taverna at short notice.


The Getting Ready in the bride’s hotel room together with the maids of honour starts off fun. The three of them do their own make-up and hair – very relaxed and obviously having a lot of fun.

But – wait – what is this guy doing here? Oh – the photographer – well, he’s allowed to do that.

And now that the girls are getting in the mood with champagne and little gifts of gratitude, let’s see how far along the guys are… Ah – okay – here everything is fine, too. Chic outfit, groom! And these colour matching details – impressive!

Just the last details to be adjusted – and then everyone is dressed up and ready for their big appearance.

Just put on the jacket, which is way too warm for Crete’s summer (but it’s really a very chic one…) and off we go…

First of all, the bride turns to the second most important man of the day: Her father.

And with anticipation and high spirits, Anni and her father head to the ceremony location on the beach, where this boho vintage ceremony setup awaits them.

Cretan with a bit of colour, relaxed, discreet and without frills and fuss is what they wanted. “And definitely no baby’s breath flowers anywhere!” was important to the bride.

There was also a very special wedding ritual: the planting (or repotting) of a small olive tree.

And already taking a closer look (and taking selfies), the guests next to the groom are already eagerly awaiting the arrival of the beautiful bride. And the two flower children are also excited. Although I’m not quite sure if the youngest is aware of her task. But we want to give it a try and the big sister want to help.

And then the time has come: the bride and h father arrive and I make sure that we get them and the dress out of the car without any accidents, which we had planned a size larger for this purpose. Fortunately, it was only a short drive and the dress is wrinkle-free. One last tug – and we take off.

The flower girls walk in front of the bride and her father towards the arch – not quite sure what to do. I try to demonstrate the move with the petals – but it seems they haven’t noticed me at all. There is far too much going on around them. But it doesn’t matter – this moment should be just as imperfect and sweet as sugar.

I begin with the wedding ceremony. Now it becomes personal, funny, emotional and rousing for the bride and groom and their guests – and thanks to the representative of the city of Rethymno – registrar Peppy – the wedding ceremony is also legally valid.

The guests applaud enthusiastically: the tree is (re)planted and wants to move to its final location as soon as possible: Maybe a garden at the little house with sea view here on Crete? That’s where an olive tree grows best. And then comes today’s highlight: the wedding vows and the ring ceremony.

And after the ceremony, the congratulations and the toasts follow – along with a few beautiful words from the groom, who is very grateful that all the guests followed him and his bride to Crete to celebrate this special day with them.

After a few couple and group photos on the beach, the bride and groom drive to the Venetian old town of Rethymnos with the photographer to take some very special souvenir photos.

And just in time for the golden hour, they are back on the beach for photos in the warm light of the sunset. Here it gets romantic once again….and of course fun.

And after all that, the two are hungry… and besides, the guests are waiting. It’s just that they have a few plans for the newlyweds before they can think about dinner….

Once that’s done, the coziest part of the evening begins, in front of a particularly beautiful backdrop in a cozy ambience… and with bare feet in the fine sand.

And then at a late hour there are some highlights: Wedding cake, fireworks, wedding dance and the bridal bouquet toss – only without a bridal bouquet. 

And for the way home, despite the soft sandy floor and quite short ways to the hotel, a change of shoes is necessary… Well, maybe just because of the connection and so on.

Thank you very much for your trust and the wonderful time together, dear Anni and dear Sven!


Planning, concept, decoration and wedding speech: Sensevent, Marieke Rodehorst
Photographer: Goran Makocevic
Floristry: Manfler & O Kipos tou Karpou
Equipment & lighting: Ultra Special Events
Wedding cake: Manuello
Sound Equipment: DJ Stelios
Fireworks: Art Fireworks

Many thanks to all partners and contributors!

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