Danilo & Nunzia – surprise marriage proposal in Gouves

The vision of the perfect marriage proposal is a big challenge for many people. For men in particular, the topic often causes headaches after a certain point in the relationship.

Because often something very special is expected of them: a beautiful place, a special moment, a romantic atmosphere and then he is also supposed to find the right words (quite relaxed)…everything has to be perfect.


After all, she has imagined it a thousand times in her dreams.

But what really matters – for the perfect marriage proposal?

First and foremost: It depends on the two of you and exactly as you are!

Best of all, of course, in a relaxed mood.

You should not pretend for any moment in your life together or “shake up” too much. – and also this important moment does not have to or should not be overly staged.

The most important thing is that you are very close to each other and very close to yourselves – just enjoying the here and now and your wonderful, intoxicating love for each other.

Preparations for the perfect moment – and against the excitement

To create the best conditions for this, we need a beautiful place, a special moment and a romantic atmosphere.
And a ring would be good.
The rest – and also the right words – will then arise all by themselves.
Danilo had exactly this idea for the moment with his Nunzia.
Here in Crete, he imagined, would be the perfect place for the marriage proposal. And the vacation in relaxed togetherness would provide the ideal moment.
“Make it nice and cozy for us – but no unnecessary tam-tam!” was his request to me. And since I don’t have “unnecessary tam-tam” on offer anyway, I was happy to comply.

A series of surprising moments begins

On the morning of August 13, Danilo and Nunzia had just filled their plates at the breakfast buffet and sat down at a table when they began to think about what they could do today.
The last days of their vacation had arrived. “We could go shopping. A few souvenirs to take home from the souvenir stores – what do you think?” suggested Danilo.
“Good idea!” agreed Nunzia enthusiastically.
“Good plan,” he replied, grinning strangely in victory.
But she thought nothing of it.
A little later, the two of them were strolling through the souvenir store mile in Hersonissos, already carrying in their bags some small mementos of their Crete vacation. They enjoyed the relaxed mood of the people around them, the sun was shining, it was pleasantly warm and not too hot – a nice day for a shopping trip.

Then it had come – the perfect moment. For the next step of our plan:

Nunzia headed for a rack of beach dresses and began to look at them more closely. As she was rubbing the fabric of a white dress with a blue and red floral pattern between her fingers, he said to her, “You’d better pick one out. Because I have a surprise for you!”
With sparkling eyes she looked at him. He just grinned. “What is it? Tell me!” she broke his pause of tension. “Okay,” he finally began. “You’ve said so many times that you’d like to do this sometime. So today’s the day: I booked a professional photo shoot – on the beach – tonight – at sunset!”
“Wow! How cool! That’s a super surprise!”, Nunzia was happy and hugged him stormily. Danilo was happy, too. “Step number two – hook it!” he thought. Slowly he became confident that everything could really go smoothly today.
A nice dress was quickly found. After that, the two went out for a fancy dinner and then prepared for the photo shoot.
When Nunzia was busy in the bathroom, Danilo wrote me a secret message: “We are about to leave! Please text me your location again!” That sounded less like the relaxed Danilo of a few hours ago.

The excitement increased

I wrote him that according to the schedule he was too early and that they should take their time and sent him the location of the beach cut at Kato Gouves, where I was just finishing the last details of the arrangement and Christos was adjusting his camera.
I was actually sure that Danilo had understood the plan perfectly, but excitement does crazy things to you, so I quickly added: “But don’t forget: You have to go to the other side of the bay! The location I sent you before. Here again… There you will meet in 20 minutes with the photographer Christos! NOT here!”
“Christo, you have to go! Please start packing up.” The young photographer looked at me a bit shocked. Obviously, I was getting a little nervous now too. We had to quickly prepare for any changes in plans.
Christos was about to leave when I heard the renewed “pling” from my pocket – it somehow didn’t sound reassuring. I quickly opened the message from Danilo: “We are here!” and a photo of the beach with a few umbrellas and a changing room – fortunately the changing room in front of it, because it obscured the view at least a little. They were standing just a few feet away. And he was already offline again – probably without having had any chance to read my message.
“Christo, change of plans: they’re here!”
And so Christos walked to the car, pretending that no other meeting place had ever been planned.
As the three of them walked down to the sea and Christos distracted the beautiful couple from all the fuss with the attention of the camera, I tried to be as inconspicuous as possible. I turned away and pretended to be heavily occupied. Fidgeted here and there with the preparations…and hoped so much that she would not see them or refer to them. And if she did, that the emergency plan would work.

But fortunately it did not have to come to that. The three were very busy and the photo shoot was beautiful to watch. The two – and also Christos – had obvious fun.

The warm red light of the sun, which slowly sank towards the sea, provided the perfect photo light and made the whole scene somehow magical.

After a big circle in a big distance around me and my decoration, along the sea, the three now came back in my direction.

I got ready to light the many candles for the heart from lanterns, wherein the marriage proposal should take place.

It took a while and I had to finish in time before they got here – even though it was still a little early for candlelight. But so many perfect schedules have fallen victim to excitement. But it doesn’t matter now – it “flowed” quite beautifully and the next few minutes would be even more beautiful.

As I finished, the three of them came into view. Danilo covered Nunzia’s eyes and carefully guided her through the soft sand towards the heart, while Christos stumbled backwards in front of them to capture every moment.

And then it was time. He asked her to carefully take one last step, taking care not to trip over the lanterns.

Then they stopped together and he asked her to keep her eyes still closed while he went down on his knees in front of her….

Pictures say more than words.

We leave the two to their togetherness.

But when we congratulated and said goodbye, I still had one question burning under my nails: “Nunzia, did you suspect it today? When did you realize it?”

Overjoyed and beaming, she replied, “I didn’t suspect anything. Only when he knelt there in front of me, I realized what was happening here! It was sooooo beautiful!”

Wonderful – then everything went perfectly!

Photographer: Christos Tzanidakis

Planning & Decoration: Sensevent

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